What we do

We provide a range of taxation services throughout the whole of the property ownership cycle.

When you buy your property

We provide advice to our clients about the tax implications of purchasing property in the UK, and what they can expect as far as ongoing obligations are concerned.

We provide advice about which Stamp Duty Land Tax rates apply (Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, for those who invest in Scotland, and Land Transaction Tax for those who invest in Wales) and make calculations of liabilities so that you can budget properly.

We provide sensible and pragmatic advice about how to own your property – whether to purchase in your sole name, jointly with other people, through a non-UK or a UK company and, sometimes, through a trust.

We also provide advice about the tax implications of financing your property, whether by a secured mortgage, equity release on your main home, personal loan or cash purchase.

When you rent out your property

We make applications into the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme on behalf of our clients, in order to prevent Income Tax withholding from your rental receipts.

We register our clients as taxpayers under the Self-Assessment system and obtain the Unique Taxpayer Reference numbers which are needed in order to be able to file a Tax Return.

We prepare and file your annual UK Income Tax returns, calculating profits or losses for Income Tax purposes, recording your non-resident position and reporting any other taxable incomes or gains.

We provide a Corporation Tax filing service through a trusted third party which is based in the UK.

We work with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure that your tax affairs are processed correctly.

We let you know what you need to pay and when.

We do all we can to ensure that all deadlines are met.

When you sell or give away your property, assign your contract or transact shares in property-rich non-UK companies

We prepare and file the special Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax returns which need to be filed within 30 days of the completion of the sale or assignment.

We tell you what needs to be paid and when.

We prepare and file the detailed Capital Gains Tax calculations which are needed.

We manage the disclosure process with HM Revenue & Customs for you.

If you purchase through a company

We prepare and file your Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) tax returns, which need to be filed by 30th April each year.

We tell you what needs to be paid and when.

We manage the disclosure process with HM Revenue & Customs for you.

Other Exposures

We advise about the implications of holding UK property from a UK Inheritance Tax perspective, and how your exposures can be managed and limited.

Access to Industry Professionals

We enjoy very good relationships with a wide range of property industry professionals, ranging from developers, solicitors, property agents, letting agents, mortgage lenders and UK will writers. We also work with a prestigious FTSE-100 UK Wealth Planning Company, St. James’s Place, where clients express other financial needs such as in wealth management, CPF management, life cover, health insurance, regular savings and tax-led investment planning. We can provide referrals to you for most services you might need, and do not receive referral fees from any third parties.