Becoming a Client and what we charge

UK Property investors have to think in Pound Sterling. However, we send our invoices in Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars or Chinese Renmimbi. Therefore, we try not to change our prices because the exchange will always affect the GBP value of our invoices. In fact, we have only changed our prices one single time since we started in 2013 in order to accommodate rising costs, and we are proud of that find.

For Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax returns our tariff is:

One tax return reporting for one property S$660
For each additional owner Add S$330
For each additional property Add S$330

We believe that we have some of the most competitive prices in Asia, and we can normally invoice in your currency (though the funds have to be transferred to our Singapore Dollar account). We ask our clients to bear the costs of transfer.

We prepare ATED tax returns for S$750 and Relief Declaration Returns for ATED purposes for S$375.

We prepare and file applications for the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme and Registration as taxpayers for S$150 for one of S$250 for a couple. There you engage us to prepare your annual Income Tax returns, we waive these fees.

Where formal tax planning advice is needed, we apply an hourly rate of S$250.

None of our invoices have to apply GST (Singapore Goods and Services Tax). Where clients own multiple properties, or if we are approached by groups of investors, we are happy to discuss special discounts, though in such circumstances we normally ask for payment in advance.

Otherwise, payment is requested only after the work has been carried out.

If you decide that you would like to engage Duke Taxation Services to act on your behalf, we need to complete some standard ‘on boarding’ procedures.

Firstly, we ask you to verify your identity and address by showing us your passport or ID card and a recent utility bill or bank statement, or by having copies of these certified by an approved person. 

We must run a check on these details through a confidential and secure register in order to verify that we may act for you.

We send you a copy of our Terms of Business, which we encourage you to read through and ask any questions about. Your continuing instructions to us are deemed to be your acceptance of these terms,

If you have been working with another tax agent, we then need to write to that agent to obtain professional clearance to act and to request certain information from their files which might assist us in managing your tax affairs.

These are all formalities, are attended to by us and can be completed swiftly and often without needing to involve you further.